Frequently Asked Questions

Accountable PH is a digital bookkeeping service that provides highly technically skilled bookkeepers in a remote location to service and support your accounting needs.

Accountable PH offer fixed monthly plans to complete all your bookkeeping tasks, this is generally cheaper than using a traditional or in-house bookkeeper. You will save costs not only on your monthly retainer but also you will not have to find office space for an in-house bookkeeper to work from with further indirect savings on the cost of setting up a desk, computer and the running costs such as utilities allowing you to employ that one extra person who is generating income for your business.

We operate 2 models of business. One option is a 12-month annual renewable contract, if you sign up for this we will bill you monthly however you will receive a 20% discount on your annual service subscription. The other model is without a contract and is billed monthly at our quoted rate.

The advantage of running a digital bookkeeping business means we are open 24 hours a day. This means no matter when you need us we are available to assist with your query.

You will be invoiced on the date your service starts with Accountable PH. If that happens to be on the 15th we will charge you on that day in advance and every 15 th for the duration.

You will pay by Direct Debit 5 days after you monthly invoice has been sent, we only send electronic invoices.

There are a range of ways to do this, as we develop our working relationship we will receive all your accounts information by prepaid envelopes. We will then organize and update your accounts accordingly. As our relation develops and usually by month 3 we will have improved your accounts process so that all your suppliers send their information electronically.

Yes, it is very secure. The industry recognized accounting software solution we use has encryption built in as standard, it uses multiple layers of firewalls and access controls.

Your accounts information is yours, we have access to process the information inputted to ensure you are up to date. Accountable PH will provide you with all your data, or you may wish for your new bookkeeper to take over the software, as long as your monthly billing is up to date.

At Accountable PH we love a challenge we will ensure to have all your accounting records up to date in no time at all giving you peace of mind to focus on other business activities.

We do not work or store data outside of the digital accounting software. All data provided is for the purposes of ensuring your books and accounting records are up to date.

All you need to do is complete the online inquiry form and Get Started. We will assess this information for FREE and contact you back at a time and the number you have stated as convenient.

Yes, we aim to take all your pain and stress away so you can focus on your business. If we don’t, we have failed!

You just need to provide the on-boarding requirements and we will process the transition.

We are Xero Certified Advisor and Payroll Certified, hence our services are cloud-based and inputting, reconciling accounts and generating and tracking invoices are done real-time.

We provide a FREE Client Portal with the  following functionalities:

  • Online encoding of transactions
  • Upload needed accounting documents for future references
  • Online Employee Attendance Record
  • Online Leave Application
  • Generation of Payslips

Guaranteed no delays in filing and submission of BIR Reports.

Provides a dedicated Account Manager.

Provides day-to-day Customer Service.

We conduct a monthly client office visit.

We do not ask for any additional fee for encoding services (for a maximum of 150 transactions per month)

Package includes payroll deliverables for up to 20 employees (while others are only accepting up to 15 employees)

Our service package allows you to enroll at most 20 employees for the same monthly cost, so that as you grow your business and employ more staffs, there won’t be a need for you to pay for additional fee.

It is typical for a small to an average business to outsource most of the financial tasks until your business reached 30 employees and/or the revenues  hit over half a million per year, otherwise there would not be enough task for a full-time in-house accountant.

Help is on the way! We just need to check your account to send you to the right place.